The best website is not the most beautiful one. You need a website with an easy to dive design that offers the best user experience. The website should look compelling, and the content must be engaging. There should be an easy to grasp theme. Want to know more? Let’s see what experts at a web design company in Surat have to say.Let The Visuals Do The TalkPictures are easy to remember and convey a message better. If chosen smartly, visuals can grab better attention then even titles. Choose high-quality photos and add them as the main picture of content. Use relatable images and not the most beautiful ones. Simple pictures that send the message will do better than irrelevant photos.Opt For Responsive Design To Offer A Mobile-friendly WebsiteGoogle has kept users as a priority, and it will penalize any website that’s not mobile-friendly. Since mobiles have become an integral part of human life, mobile-friendliness is necessary. We can’t open the laptop for every search, and if we do it on mobile, it should show similar results as on desktop. Use responsive design, and you are good to go.Keep The Interactions InterestingThe best website development company in Surat will always focus on luxurious interaction design. Keep your design contrasting and consistent. Add interest with dynamic effects and reduce the frustration by removing the pop-up window.Keep The Main Content On The ShowAdd a suitable product image and bold the product details to ease it for customers. Users can come from anywhere, but once they reach you, make sure your website is ready to interact.Use White Space MindfullyAn excellent layout is everything you need. Poor layout design can make the users feel lost, and they will leave the website. Use spaces between words wisely because it affects user experience. Limit design elements and make it easy for visitors to dive through it.Offer Smooth NavigationKeep the navigation menu easy to explore. Add short, clear, crisp, and readable content.Bonus Tips
  • No more than seven items on the menu.
  • Get everything at three clicks.
  • Wherever the users are, the brand logo must drive them back to the homepage.
  • Avoid drop-down menu; it complicates the job of Google crawlers.
You design a website to attract customers, and that’s why it should be user-centric. It must offer more comfort than beauty. But, attractive design isn’t an option.

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