There are a lot of programming languages that have existed already for decades. If you want to learn one, it might be a difficult choice for you. There comes a new language every decade which makes it difficult for the developers to concentrate on just one. Python is the most popular programming language today and it has clearly made its way ahead of traditional languages like Java, C, and C++. So, in this article, we will be discussing the top 10 reasons why you must learn Python and if you take up a Python Training Course in Surat, you can definitely make a fruitful career in this language.
  • Highest Paid Jobs
One of the biggest advantages of learning Python is that Python developers are the highest paid engineers in the IT industry. Not only in India but even across the world, Python engineers are in high demand and are paid higher in comparison to other developers owing to the language’s popularity
  • Popular Amongst Scientists
All the data scientists and researchers were using the traditional MATLAB language for scientific research purposes but ever since the introduction of Python numerical engines, the scientists have started using ‘Numpy’ and ‘Pandas’ for their research. Also, Python can deal with tabular, matrix, and statistical data which makes it easier for the researchers to use it.
  • Python as an Efficient Scripting Language
Many people know Python as a programming language while the fact is that it is an efficient scripting language as well. So, if you take up Python Training in Surat, you will be taught about python scripting as well. Python also supports automation by which you as a developer can automate several tasks in a program. 
  • Big Data Processing
Python is able to efficiently handle a lot of data hassles which is comparatively difficult for other programming languages. Python can be used for parallel computing which makes it perfect to be used for Hadoop as well. Some of the libraries like Dask and Pyspark are used for Big Data processing which makes Python popular.
  • Perfect for Testers as Well
Python is not only amazing for developers but it is an excellent language for testers as well. So, if you have done a Python training course and want to become a tester, you will find Python very useful and helpful. Python has many testing frameworks and debugging tools like Selenium and Splinter that make the lives of the testers easy. 
  • Easy way to create applications
Coding in Python makes it very easy for the developers to create desktop applications and build GUI with excellent computer graphics which is the reason it is used in many small, large, and online/offline project creations. It is also used in game development by many developers
  • Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence or AI is very much easy through Python. The current and the future technology is all about Artificial Intelligence and Python gives you the platform to bring machine learning language into the mix with the libraries like Keras and Tensorflow
  • Framework for Web Development
If you have done a Python Certification Training Course in Surat, you will learn about web development as well through Python. There are a number of popular frameworks like Django, Flask, Pylons etc for website development that are written in Python and hence make the code faster and stable
  • Cross-Language Support
Python is supported by most of the platforms available in the industry such as Linux, Macintosh, Playstation etc which is the reason cross-language operations are supported seamlessly in Python. Python is extremely extensible as well which is why you can easily integrate Java and .NET components into your code
  • Extremely Simple and Easy to Learn
Python language is very simple and easy to learn and understand as it resembles the English language. Also, its syntax is very simple in comparison to other programming languages like Java, C++ and .NET which makes it extremely popular across the world. 

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